How to activate Raaatio Pro

First of all, thanks for buying Raaatio Pro. Your license key has been sent to your email. Copy the key → go to → Click on the "Activate Pro" button on the header → Put the key in the Input field and click Activate.

How long can I use Raaatio Pro?

If you bought the license, you can use it for 1 year without any restrictions.

If I buy Raaatio Pro once, do I keep it forever?

No, you just get to use it for 1 year. You'll have to renew the license again after it expires

What payment method do you accept?

Currently, all payments are processed by Gumroad ( They accept all major credit/debit cards and support Paypal.

How many patterns can I generate?

You can generate unlimited noise patterns. More patterns will be added soon.

Can I refund my purchase?

Yes, if you're not satisfied with the product, send me an email at or reach out via twitter @iamnottheway within 24 hours. You'll get your money back, no questions asked. Responses may vary but I will respond as fast as I can.

I have a question, how do I get in touch?

Please reach out to or @iamnottheway on twitter for any questions

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